Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Please Return.

Have any of you seen my almost perfect first born little man? 

You know the one who always is trying to please everyone around him. The one who wakes up with a smile on his face jumps out of bed just to be 'first' at school. Have you seen him? Because someone has switched him for a kid who REFUSES to get up and going in the morning. 

I have no clue what has transpired in the past week but I am 100% dumbfounded. I am at a complete loss. I think this has been what older, more seasoned moms have told me would happen. "There will come a day when you think you know how your kids respond, what they love, how they communicate and then the next day it will be completely different." This is my 'next day'. I don't like it. I want my yesterday back. PPPlease!

Here are some of the things that have been said in the wee early mornings over the past week.

1. My belly hurts.
2. I don't like the way my socks feel.
3. These pants are too tight. 
4. What if my belly hurts in school?
5. Do you think it's just a bunch of poop?
6. I don't like the way this shirt feels on my skin.
7. I am not going to school.
8. If you make me go then I will go with just my underwear on.
9. My knee cap is starting to hurt when I walk.
10. {limping} My ankle is broke. I can't even walk on it.

Although, these may not seem that big of a deal please feel free to add in the tears, the holding the belly, knee, ankle and there you have the last 6 mornings. Praying this is just a little phase he is going through. He is a great little man and I just want to make his morning GREAT and easy before he heads out the door. His teacher said he always does awesome in class and is as happy as can be. 

Am I being played? Has the drama of the morning already began? I thought this ONLY happened with girls. I have ALL boys this is the easy part for me. Right? So, to all you moms with school aged kids has this ever happened to you? Please tell me it will all be perfect tomorrow morning! 

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  1. I distinctly remember just crying not wanting to go to school in elementary- I hated it. There were two reasons I remember why; I wanted to stay home with my mommy (so maybe take it as a compliment? ;-) And I had a friend that was really mean to me in my class. (So maybe ask him about the people in his class?) My mom had to talk to my teacher about the girl that was making me not want to go to school and my teacher kept an eye out for her being rude to me and then everything was fine. (Can you tell I was a little bit traumatized by this event since I remember like every detail from it and I was only 7 haha)Hope everything works out. :-) You're such a great mamma.

    P.S. Your oldest looks just like my dad when he was that age. :-)Your boys are beautiful.

  2. Well, my kiddos are homeschooled, so I can't comment on the specifics of your situation (although there is complaining and gnashing of teeth when it is time to get to work some days...) However, something someone pointed out to us one time was how kids tend to become moodier/more emotional when they are going through a growth spurt. I always watched for them being hungrier and more tired, but never thought of the emotional side of it. Maybe this is how he is dealing with it? I don't know, maybe it is one of those things you chalk up to a phase? Maybe I'm not helpful at all... :) Whatever is going on I hope you can get to the bottom of it or it passes quickly. That is not a fun battle to fight every morning. Hang in there, you are a great mommy!

  3. I know it's not just girls because my brother was the worst about getting up and being ready for school. Thanks for the heads up about "the next day" I will be a little less shocked now when that that happens. BTW that photo is priceless <3

  4. Is he having some anxiety over something at school? I went through this with Emma when she was in first grade, and after some investigating I found out it was all related to some activities they were doing at school. She was struggling to understand how to make change with money, and the teacher had them doing a "store" activity to help. My little perfectionist was so scared to mess up she wanted to skip school on the days they did it!
    My other thought is that he's about to go through a growth spurt. My kids always behave oddly when that happens! Good luck...you'll get him back! :-)

  5. I have the girl version at my house...Mooom, why didn't you wash my cool jeans?, I'm NOT wearing tennis shoes - none of these socks work with these shoes, these might make a blister... I'm only going if you curl my hair in lots of curls (while the other says she wanted hers flat-ironed) - and then there's the I didn't sleep enough last night, I'm still hungry, I can't find my bird earrings, Ellie is annoying me or Charlie is distracting me so I can't get dressed...

  6. Okay, so I don't feel nearly as crazy. Thankfully the last two mornings have been SO much better! Plus, I think you ladies are totally on to something with the growth spurt. He went to put on a pair of old pants and it looked like the flood was coming :)


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