Friday, March 25, 2011

It's the little things...

That make this life so unbelievably worth the crazy, stressful days that we all endure.

So here's too...
A new set of coffee mugs...

A good wrestling match...

A killer tickle fight...

and someone to wipe away all those tears...

Oh, and who could forget these little treasure I am going to wear on Sunday.
 They said to bring two outfits and I think these will do the trick.
What do you think?!?

{I Kid, I Kid}

Happy Friday To You All! 


  1. What happened to the leopard print thong leotard!? That for sure would be a hit!

  2. I LOVE that orange wall. So awesome. Can't wait to hear all about Sunday.

  3. Whew! You scared me with the photo of those 2 outfits hanging on hangers. For a split second I thought you REALLY were wearing those and I screamed out loud NOOOOO! at the computer. Hubby looked over at me like I had lost my mind! :) Hope things went well today!!

  4. {Amy} I can't even imagine the look on their faces if I would of showed up in something as fabulous as the leopard print thong leotard! By the way, I totally looked for one to take a picture of!

    {Messy Mom} When we moved in the house we were a little worried about picking out a burnt orange but we are happy with it! Glad you liked it!

    {Beth} The funny thing about all of this is that you thought I would wear those. I guess they could be kinda cute, right? :)


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