Sunday, February 20, 2011

Today, I don't want to forget.

The way I feel when I look at you my sweet little boy. 
As I peeked in your room tonight I didn't want you to see me
but I had to see what was going on. You see, I could hear the sounds of a giggle
that was only your giggle. As I peek in your room, I see you on your knees laughing 
and then slamming that little body down on your belly. 
Then you would laugh to the point of squeeling and then repeat.
 Almost as if you were practicing
for when you are big enough to take your brothers down. 
I was holding my breath as I peeked through the slightly opened door. 
You make me hold my breath so I don't laugh. 
{Not many people can make me feel the way you do}
As I watch you then stand up on your little blue elephant sheets and I see you act like you are blowing something. I can't quite figure out what you are doing.... UNTIL.... I realize your fan is blowing your mobile that is hanging from the ceiling. You sweet little boy don't realize it's the wind from the fan. So, you keep puckering those sweet little lips and pushing those little cheeks out. You clap your hands together. 
You are so proud.  You're laughing. 
I can't hold it in. I start laughing. I walk in and you reach up... 
as I lean down to pick you up I can't help but hold you and smile.
You make me smile. You make me laugh. 
You make me proud to be your mommy.


  1. Maria, when you write your first book, be sure and dedicate a line to me......I am one of your BIGGEST fans for your writing!!! This post was so precious, it made me smile through the tears. I am SO glad you are enjoying those little men that God has given to you and Chris. Keep up the good work.

    Love you,
    Becky Cook

    P.S. Also so excited you are going to style my girls photo shoot!!!

  2. That photo is just to die for. What a beautiful moment. :-)


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