Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Storm Rages On So Why Not Have Some Fun.

45 minutes of "Work"
27 Pillows
7 Blankets
3 Little Men

1 jumping in his undies
1 gut laughing at his older brothers
1 encouraging the craziness

1 happy thankful momma watching
 her three little loves enjoy each other 
and some much needed time off! 

Have you been enjoying the extra time off? How have you been passing the time with your kids? Any fun ideas to help the cabin fever? Do tell...


  1. Our "day off" activities consisted of trying to stay see we were without power for about 13 hours and that equals NO HEAT in this was registering 45 degrees and dropping!! I was so scared that my little men were going to freeze slowly to death...that I even made them fast dance to my own renditions of the Wiggles songs just to warm up. When that failed..I bundled them up, and headed to my moms instead.

  2. I was just literally laughing out loud after I read this. Not because you are freezing but because I can totally see you singing and making the boys dance. You are a great mom!! Glad you and those sweet boys are warm now!


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