Monday, February 7, 2011

Bachelor Babies

{Love, Sippy Cups and Drool}

Only 8 roses remain who will be the next to go.....

Do you think this could pass as a new TLC show?
{I kid... I kid...}
 The classier version of toddlers and tiaras? 
Can you tell I am totally cracking myself up? 
How was your weekend? Mine was full.
I have been {in order}
~ birthdaying
~upward basketball watching
~movie watching
~ photo shooting
~ carboloading
~  planning
~superbowl watching {kinda}
~ saving a birds life {aka bird whispering}

I am sure your weekend was full, as well! Ready for a new week to begin and of course, it's Monday which means two of my favorite things, zumba and the bachelor. 

Happy Monday Friends!

Photo of my little bachelor by Nikki James Photography


  1. I feel the same way about the carbs this weekend.....yuck. I need a fresh start this week. :). Happy Monday!

  2. Ok, so I just found you today through Amanda but I think we could be new BFF's. It appears we have quite a bit in common. My husband is a high school football coach, we both have GORGEOUS little bachelors :)(me,
    + three bachelorettes), and you have a great sense of style. Love your site - am now following...

  3. Sarah {One chance at this life}- I always look forward to Monday to try and get myself back on track!

    Motheroffashion~ How great is this... I saw your first comment on my blog post about our family photo shoot and I looked at my husband and said I could so be friends with her! Ha! Then I saw this comment!

    So glad you are following and so happy I have a new BFF :)


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