Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SEW... What are you waiting for?

  This is my 'dream machine'... urbanoutfitters.com

Guess what? This weekend I signed up for a sewing class. Yep, me and a sewing machine just hanging out with a bunch of old people. {I am one of those old people. As well as two of my girlfriends} Even though I feel like it ages me about 20 years I'm kinda pumped. So, if your're thinking of learning something new why not try sewing?

It's Tuesday which means I will be doing it in Top Ten Style. So, here you go in no particular order... Top Ten reasons: Sewing is the 'New Black'.

1. Limitless: When I think of all the fabulous treasures on Etsy I often think, I could totally make that. Whether it's a cute handbag or a fun kids banner.
2. Creativity: Get my creative juices a flowin: There are so many adorable fabrics, machines, and threads out there-- the sky is the limit.
3. Longevity: I can be 90 and still be sewing. It won't ever go out of style {even if I do}!
4. Save Money: If you know me at all you know I buy expensive jeans and NEVER have them hemmed. Why? Because I never want to spend the money. So, for three years my cheerleaders would laugh at the fact that I would use safety pins to "hem" my jeans. At least I was trying to save money or maybe I was just lazy. hmm...
5. Go Green Baby: I can reuse, recycle some of my old clothes and create some fabulous new ones. How great is that?
6. Future Income: You never know this could open up a ton of doors. You may see me with my own Etsy shop. HOLLA!
7. Personal Style: I can think of so many fun, modern accessories that I have thought of but just haven't been able to create because I can't sew a darn thing. I love the process of creating things, but also being able to make new garments no-one else has and bring my own ideas to fruition! DIY projects here I come!
8. My mom said I should: Who doesn't listen to their mom, right?
9. It's the New Black: Like I said nearly EVERYONE is doing it. Well, actually not everyone just two other girlfriends and maybe{you}?
10. Excuse: It gives me a excuse chance to hang out and laugh with some of my favorite girlfriends. Can you imagine how much fun and laughter will be taking place as I try and thread a needle. Oh. My. Seriously, I am just hoping I don't sew my fingers together!

Are you a sewer? {is that even a word} Any tips for this newbie? Don't worry I will be documenting my journey. You never know I could become a sewing fashionista. Is there nothing I can't do? {I kid}

Happy Top Ten Tuesday!

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  1. Girl I'm totally jealous! Where are you taking this class? Do you have your own machine?

  2. Meg- JoAnn fabrics has a Sewing 101 class. You can still sign up! I am not taking the class till April 1st. I don't have a machine yet. They said you can bring your own or they will give you one to use. I have NO CLUE what I am doing but it should be fun!

  3. Can't wait!!!" Dinner is sure to follow!

  4. ok, I'm gonna have to check it out. I'm an Etsy junkie like you! If it works w/the kids' schedules I am going to join you!

  5. Love your reasons and your gumption for starting sewing lessons. I've sewn off and on since Home Ec at the age of 12. Recently, I made a mattress, pillow, and coverlet for my friend's daughter's Christmas present, a vintage baby doll cradle. Enjoy your journey!

  6. I am an off again, on again sewer. I've made curtains and drapes, baby crib sets, etc for my kids, as well as some Christmas ornaments. I haven't pulled my machine out in years though, again. So I guess right now I'm "Off"! :) Stopping by from the Top Ten list...

  7. Holla! I happen to be a complete sewing dork and I love to make cute bibs, hooter hiders and the likes for my preggo girlfriends. And yes, I just sewed curtains for my upcoming baby girl. Don't be jealous that my Singer and I are so tight.


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