Thursday, February 10, 2011

One Chance At This Life

Have you ever had a verse or a saying that you have heard or read before but all of the sudden it just kinda smacked you in the face. For me, this happened this past week. As I was reading through some blogs. I noticed my friend Sarah's. You know how it normally says 'About Me'. Well, Sarah's says, 'One Chance at this Life'. When I first saw the title I thought how I really loved that 'saying'. Then the other day she commented on my blog and it said, "One chance at this life said...." It wasn't what Sarah had said that actually struck me but it was the title. 

I just wonder if all of us {me included} truly grasp that we really do have ONE chance at this life. That's it. What are you doing to make your one chance count? I wonder if we truly believed this if we would tell more people about Jesus, love others around us more, do more for others instead of doing what is easy or best for ourselves. I wonder if we would squeeze our kids a little more or extend grace to them when they may not deserve it. I wonder if we would extend the same GRACE that Jesus shows us on a constant basis to others. I wonder if we stop nagging our spouses. Because does it really matter that they forgot to take out the trash? How much different would our 'one chance' look? 

For me, I can get so caught up in my stage of life. The changing of diapers, the discipline, the constant teaching, the housework, laundry, the pulling of my everyday life that I think I forget that it is just a stage. For me, for all of us, I have only one chance at this life. What am I going to do to make it count? So, really I just thought I would say the same thing to you.

Dear friend you have, like all of us, one chance at this life. Is it worth being bitter, angry or so caught up in yourself and what is going on around you that you waste this once chance, this one shot .....


  1. I love your post!!! I feel like you explained my title, much better than I ever could have. You have encouraged me greatly today in the routine, mundane parts of this day. You have inspired me to go make this day count and not waste it away. I am gonna go love on my kids. :):). Thanks for sharing this.

  2. This was SO needed today. I often find myself wishing my time away and then I remember, I'm going to MISS this some day. I don't want to MISS it today. Thank you for reminding me.


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