Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to the 'Land of Fun' 

Who doesn't want a place they can escape to and feel like they can do whatever they want and will not get in trouble? As a kid, I would have loved that. Th one thing I have learned with having all boys is they NEED to play. They NEED to run and jump and do whatever crazy things they do. 

Thankfully when we bought our house the basement was unfinished. At the time, that was one of the million reasons I didn't want the house. With the help of Coach W this castle slowly started to grow on me. The one thing I began to realize is that in finishing a basement we could kinda do what we wanted {as long as it was cheap enough}. It was a piece of art work; a clean canvas so to speak. I knew I wanted a playroom and I knew I wanted it to become 'The Land of Fun' and so here you go, take a look....

We have gotten years of play out of this room. The one thing I will say is that Coach W thought of the half wall which has been simply glorious. Because this little man LOVES the door closed, which in turn means I don't have to worry about him because he is playing in the 'Land of Fun'!

So, tell me do have a 'Land of Fun' at your house? You know just a spot {doesn't matter the size} that lets your kids just be kids. Tell me about it, would ya?

Well, I am off to think of something for dinner and iron Coach W clothes for his basketball game tonight. This life sometimes is just too glamorous for one girl to handle! 


  1. Love your Land of Fun! What a great way of keeping littles contained, entertained, learning and burning off energy. You lucky girl!!

  2. Every time I see your basement I fall in love with the bright colors all over again!!! I totally agree with you about the blank canvas! Our basement was partially finished which I liked but the former owners put one of the main walls up in the oddest place of the basement so when we refinish it all we might blow up that wall and start over. But anyway, we have made the most of it... I painted on the long main wall a HUGE's kinda like a NYC skyline with a bridge and clocktower and I ordered these really large decals of Spiderman and Batman from Pottery Barn to go on it. I LOVE it... the boys spend half the day down there. You MUST bring your clan of boys over and play soon...Super Hero Style!!!!


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