Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toddlers Know A Thing Or Two About Strategery

So, here's the deal, I have been a mom for over 6 years. Which automatically means I can certify myself as an expert {or something like that}. On a side note I will be 21 {plus 10} next Friday which means I am even more of an expert at, well, pretty much everything. The one thing I am beginning to realize is someone forgot to tell this almost 14 month old that his momma knows everything and he should REALLY listen.

This kid has totally ROCKED my little world. Granted, my other two boys were somewhat easy. This oh so special little man has not only began to test his boundaries with me lately but he likes for me to get mad. I am convinced he thinks I am HILARIOUS when I am fuming mad at him. Generally he’s really sweet, so happy, wonderfully well-behaved , but I am seeing lots of conscious defiance.

This part of parenting for me is always hard. I have always been so stern with my older two boys. Although the discipline was different for each one. Brady would have to get the occasional good ole butt spankin. Mason, I could just look at the kid and tell him I was upset and it would bring him to tears. So, in our castle we really try to discipline in a way that fits each individual kid. Then you have my sweet and spicy little Cole. He sees his brothers craziness and wants to join in. Can you blame the kid? Here's the thing, 9 out of 10 times he is just trying to be like his brothers but the discipline part for me comes into play when he doesn't realize that he could get hurt. Did I mention I sweep A LOT. Well, Cole will literally pull the plug out of the wall EVERY TIME I flippin start to sweep. He will start laughing so hard I'm pretty sure he pees in his diaper strictly due to how hilarious he thinks he is. 

Yep, six years of being a expert. Hmm.. Maybe I should rethink the whole "expert" thing. I am learning parenting is STILL such an adventure to adjust and adapt to all of the changes it brings and will continue to bring. It’s going to be really interesting to see how his personality continues to blossom in the coming months. I adore this kid. He is walking/running, and communicating with us in surprisingly eloquent ways. He loves to be LOUD, and has an obsession with pushing things across the floor, and will open mouth kiss on command {still working on the pucker situation}, plus he goes to where my i-pod is and starts to dance just so I will turn on the music. So, really he is pretty much the coolest kid EVER.

I know so many of you are moms who read this fabulous blog and some of you don't have kids but are around sweet little loves all the time... So... I would love to hear more about your experience, and how you navigated this phase of your kiddo’s life.

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  1. You do realize that God does that to us for a reason ;-)! My 2 boys ARE COMPLETE opposites so EVERYTHING I KNEW with Evan - yep was WRONG! Ha! And he's the baby - aren't they the ones who are supposed to be more daring. Life would be so boring if it wasn't for the babies of the family ;-)!!! Good luck!


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