Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Famous Interview: With One Uber Cool Rock Star.

I am the "Reporter" for goodness sake so I thought I should do what is expected of me and score an interview with one of the most uber cool little men I have ever met. As I pull up two chairs, one blue and one white, I look at my interviewee and he can't stop smiling. I wonder if this is his first interview? He has curly blonde hair and these eyes that just melt your heart. He knows I am up to something.

I stick out my hand to shake his. He shakes my hand. Did I mention this little man is just adorable? He giggles and then says, "Mom, who are you?" I proceed in my best {interviewer voice} and tell him that I am a mommy reporter and so many people want to know what makes Mason... well... Mason. So, I proceed with my first question.

Question 1: Are you a rock star? "Yes." When did you become a rock star? "I don't know. Did God make me one?"

Question 2: If you could eat any food what would it be? "Um. Pizza and pickles but I don't want pickles on my pizza."

Question 3: What is one thing your mom always says to you? "That you love me. Are you my mom?"

Question 4: What songs do you like to hear playing in your house? "B*I*B*L*E and you know, those one songs you play and dance to on our i pod."

Question 5: What is your favorite animal? "Monkey" Why? "That's easy, it's starts with M and Mason starts with an M." "Am I done yet?" No.  "Are you still a reporter lady." Yes. "You sound silly."

Questions 6: If you could play with any toy what would it be? "I-pod" Why do you like it? "Because it has a basketball game on it and I try to beat Daddy."

Question 7: Who is the one friend you love to play with? "You know, Alec. I play with him at school and at Brady's basketball games. Oh, and Cami and Isabel but my teacher wont let me talk during school to them so..."

Question 8: What your favorite movie to watch? "UP... and every other movie. I love movies"

Question 9: Who is better Boys or Girls? "That's easy, boys." Why? "Because boys are WAY better"

Question 10: What is your favorite sport? "All of them" Okay, well lets choose one. "Ok, soccer, baseball and basketball."

Question 11: Sir, Do you like being interviewed? "Yes" Why? "Because I like when you shake my hand and act like a mommy report." "Oh and I like that you call me sir. Who is Sir?"

Disclaimer: This interview was not free it did cost me one fruit snack.

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  1. This is SO Cute!!! Great idea!!!

  2. Thanks Sally and Alicia!! He thought it was so great. When we were done he asked if we could start over and do it again. I think he just wanted another fruit snack ;)

    Thanks for reading!


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