Monday, January 17, 2011

Don't be alarmed.... Noone was hurt in the shooting of these pictures.

Cole and I were doing a photo shoot for Nikki James Photography a few months back I got this brilliant idea to have the photographer take a picture of me with duct tape on my mouth. I know, a little strange but I liked the idea and thought it would be a fun and different New Years Resolution blog post. The best part about the photo shoot was we just kept trying different shots until we found one we really liked. It was a blast! Over the weekend I met up with two old friends who I adore and they asked about the pictures and because I adore you {and told them I would post them} I thought I would show you the ones we didn't choose..... Please be warned Coach W said it looks like I am being held hostage. I am not. If you have done a photo shoot before you can sometimes get carried away... Hence these fabulous but oh so scary pictures....

Not gonna lie I scare myself in this one.

This is the one that I used for the blog post

Yes, I know, only I would do something like this but if I am being honest I kinda liked it! Which is why me and my boys will be doing a photo shoot on the 30th. I wanted to get you involved so.... First, go click the follow button and follow me. Second, leave me a comment with an idea of a fun picture for myself or my boys and if I choose your photo {which will have it's own blog post, lucky you} you will win a Gift Certificate to Outback Steakhouse {perfect for a Valentines Day dinner date}! So, get those creative minds a thinking and leave me a comment. I know you all have some fabulous ideas and I can't wait to read them. Get excited people I know I am! 


  1. I love all of these photos, and, I don't think it looks like you are being held hostage! Love!!!

  2. Love love love them! Crazy beautiful. That's what comes to mind when I see those photos:)

  3. I love doing a picture that is different. How about dressing the boys up as puppies and if you have animals ,dress them up as people!!
    Have fun!

  4. lol, that is hilariously awesome. New follower. :-) I don't think I could top that idea, but I'll have to check back to see what you come up with!

  5. Stopping by from Bloggy Moms and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.


  6. Love the photo shoot idea. I think you should dress up in a june cleaver style 50's dress and make it a "super mom" style shoot. Have the boys around you in chaos...tugging at your skirt, toys everywhere, etc. You could be balancing your laptop, a basketball, talking on a cell phone etc while tending to them.

    I want to do a fun shoot with my kids!!!

  7. Cute pictures :)
    & I'm already a follower! :)
    I have a couple ideas... I thought I saw on one of your previous posts that you were wanting to do a Valentine's day shoot!? :) If so I thought it would be cute to have all three of your boys dress as little cupids :) (idk if your oldest will go for that one or not lol!) If not you should have them wear suits with little red bow ties! You could wear a fancy red(sparkly?) dress and BRIGHT red lipstick! & for a couple of the pictures you could leave red lipstick prints on all of their cheeks! :)

    Hope you like the ideas!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blogs! :)


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