Monday, November 22, 2010

What are you giving thanks for this week?

Can you believe it? Thanksgiving is almost here, it's only appropriate we all take time to think about what we are truly thankful for.  As many of you, I am truly thankful for the things that are most important in my life: His grace that saved me, the sound of giggles that fill my castle, the sound of a little voice saying momma, my sweet boys {all four of them} and friends who accept me in spite of me being me. Here is what I want you to think about.....what is something you are thankful for that seems insignificant/ non-traditional if you will?  Is it your daily morning trip to Starbucks? Your new pair of rain boots {that you got for $60 cheaper that originally expected}? Your quiet time in your car {away from the daily chaos that surrounds you}? I really am wanting to know!!! 

Since it's Top Ten Tuesday it's only appropriate I let you know 10 {non-traditional} things I am thankful for.

How about I go first...I'm thankful for...

Sparkly Headbands

 Aveda Products

 Diet Coke

 A Fabulous Mascara

Finding out someone new is reading my blog.

My favorite pair of Seven jeans.

 Take Out Menus

Reality TV Shows

A unforgettable photo {of my boys, of course} 

 YOU {who continue to read what I am thinking, feeling, struggling with and for some reason you keep coming back to read}. So, yes, I am thankful for YOU.  Now, it's your turn...what are the little things you're thankful for?  I am so excited to hear all of your answers!

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  1. That photo of your boys is ADORABLE!

  2. Love the Christmas picture of your boys. Really really cute. :)

  3. The joy pic is awesome!

    Cute twist on the thankful list. I'm also so excited when I get new blog followers or when people start leaving comments. So nice to know they're still with you out there :)
    And yeah...take out menus, big plus!

  4. Love your post!! I am thankful for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Wallflowers from Bath and Body Works (to cover up my 3 boys and their smells), a good song playing in the car (you know the kind you can turn it up and dance to), and GREAT coupon deals...that give me a rush as I checkout!
    Happy Thanksgiving Maria!

  5. Great post Maria! Here's mine!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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