Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Why I Zumba and Why You Should Try It.

Since needing to shed the 50+ pounds I gained with my third little love I was determined I would NOT be the "fat" mom of the group or the "I will lose the weight once I have time" kind of mom. I received a call from my fabulous cousin who asked me to go to Zumba with her. I said "yes" since my husband had basketball practice in the next gym over. Little did I know I would fall madly in love. 

Since the day I went to that one class my exercise life has forever changed. Here are my Top Ten Reasons I will Zumba until Jesus takes me away.

1.) I can dance and not feel stupid because there are 100 other people who feel just as stupid.
2.) It's the only place I can have "swass" and feel kinda cool.
3.) I laugh A LOT.
4.) It doesn't matter what has happened before I stepped into the gym, when I leave I feel 100% better.
5.) I burn more calories having fun then running for an hour on the treadmill.
6.) For 60 minutes I forget I am a mom of three little boys and feel like a College student doing what she loves... dancing.
7.) I lost ALL of my baby weight. 
8.) I don't get bored while doing it. Which also means I don't get burned out and quit!
9.) It holds me accountable to specific days, time and place when I know I will exercise and have fun.
10.) I find myself going there for exercise and leaving with increased confidence and lots of new crazy friends, who are just like me.

I challenge you to go to a class. If you don't know where there is a class in your area, Google it for goodness sake. You will be SO happy you did. Can it be intimidating at first? Yes. Do you feel like a moron? Yes. Do you burn a crap ton of calories? Yes. Do you laugh a lot? Yes. Will you have a blast for 60 minutes? Yes.

So, tell me again. Why aren't you trying it?
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  1. Maria, your blog is one of my favorite ones...and that's NOT because I won a prize!! :) You are so refreshingly honest, and I love it. Yep, Zumba is a blast! Keep it up girl, you look FABULOUS!

    Love you,
    Becky (aka Connie, Nana, whatever...)

  2. I've been thinking about trying out Zumba for a few weeks now...definitely going to have to give it a shot now! I so miss those days of dancing like a wild child in college. And I went to the U of Miami...so the dance style is really fitting :)

  3. Maria from theBMCreportOctober 7, 2010 at 5:34 PM

    Oh Tiffany... you have to try it and if you went to the U of Miami I am sure you can move :) There are so many different classes and different styles. So, you may have to try a few different instructors before you find "the one". You will have to fill me in on how it goes. You wont be disappointed, I promise!!


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