Monday, October 4, 2010

Picture Perfect, Not So Much.

How was your weekend? Mine was cold, Fall like and somewhat relaxing. Well, as relaxed as you can be with three little men running a muck around the house. 


Out of the blue the boys decided to look at pictures. Of course, they wanted to do this right before bed. Anything they can do to NOT have to go to bed they will ask to do. So, they proceed to go into our dining room {turned into play area} and look in this...

Do you see at the top........ all of the Photo Albums? 

Well, those are all of our First Born. Guess who is asking to see all of his? Yep, my sweet curly haired Second Born. As the words are coming out of his mouth I want to tell them just to go to bed and we can look at more tomorrow or lets go play the Wii or ANYTHING but them realizing I don't have any albums for the cutest kid EVER. Seriously, I checked and rechecked to make sure there wasn't a mistake. How do I have 6,237 pictures of Brady and the one's of Mason are all in piles. Yes, I told Mason that I have so many pictures of him but he said he wanted it to look just like his Big Brothers. {sigh} Of course he does. 

Worst. Mother. Ever. 

So, I WILL have a scrapbook albums for my sweet Blue Eyed love. I have too, I promised him I would. I first have to go through all of these....

Not to mention the over 4,000 plus saved on this wonderful Mac. I will do it. I can do it. Please someone tell me I can do it. Right? 

So if you don't hear from me, could you please send help? 


While your waiting for me could you please fill me in on how you keep all of your pictures organized? I clearly need all the help I can get.


  1. I have the very same situation going on here! I am going to have to resort to making photo books. I have made a few at My Publisher and Picaboo and I've decided it's the only way I'll ever do it!

  2. I started making Shutterfly photo books when Claire was a newborn. I've probably made (NO LIE...), close to 50 photo books. I've tried many of the big online photo labs and Shutterfly is my favorite for the books. Anyways, as soon as a season is over, I make a spring, summer, fall or winter book of the girls. On the girls birthday, I make a book of their year in review and whenever I have professional pictures done (I always get the digital file from the photographer), I make a book of the professional photos.
    I've probably made 20 or so books as gifts for family, too. They are always a favorite gift for family members. I can't imagine doing it any other way and the girls absolutely LOVE looking at their photo books!!!
    Throw away all those prints (just kidding) and upload your digital photos to Shutterfly and start making your digital scrapbook! I promise you will LOVE it! :)

  3. Digital photography is awesome. If you're not into it, I recommend finding a Creative Memories consultant near you. I love my consultant. I go to her house a few times a month and scrapbook, this way I never have to scrapbook at my house.

  4. Ok, girl...this is my department. First, we need to get you organized. Put all of your pictures in chronological order in an old school photo album. This will keep things need, together, and in order until you can get to them. It will also allow your little one to look through them whenever he wants. I recommend the type that has the journaling lines. You can quickly write down dates, details, etc. so that when you scrapbook you will be set.

    I don't have time to haul the scrapbooking stuff out during the week, so I go to two retreats per year. One is at the Roberts Center in Wilmington in February. I seriously get 60+ layouts finished in two days. You spend the night and can scrapbook around the clock. I also host a scrapbooking weekend here at the school in May. You get a table to set everything up and leave it for the entire weekend. You will be amazed at what you get accomplished!

  5. Ok, so you ladies are AWESOME! First of all, Jenny, I am glad you are in the same situation. It makes me feel better! :) Here is my short term plan. I am going to 1st get all the random pictures I have in order {thanks Meghan}. That makes perfect sense. Then I am going to make myself put some scrapbooks together. I do have hundreds {gulp} from when I was a kid that have never been put into scrapbooks. So, Meghan let me know when you have the dates set at school!

    However, from here on out I am going Digital {thanks Jen}! I am going to try Shutterfly or Picaboo and see how that goes. It has to be pretty good if Michelle has 50 photo books. That is amazing! You are making me feel really self conscious. Here I thought I was doing good with having 5 made for Brady :)

    Happy Scrapbooking... Let the fun begin...


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