Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pregnant Mother of Two Headed to the State Pen.


I hear the sirens and see the flashing lights. I see a man on a motorcycle pull up behind me. I can feel my blood pressure start to rise and the sweet little baby growing inside me begin to do somersaults. I roll down my window and immediately the flood gates open up. I am not a cryer  {except when I am prego}. Rewind 15 minutes before I hear the sirens. I am depositing a check at my bank and the banker tells me that my license had expired. Wow. I had no idea. Thanks I said and left the bank to drive straight to the BMV to get it taken care of. Ok, back to the flood gates opening up. Immediately I think I am going to be taken away in handcuffs. Headline in the paper will be Pregnant Mother of Two Headed to the State Pen. 

I immediately tell the officer that my license is expired and I am on my way to get it taken care of. I was literally 2 miles away. {He totally doesn't believe me} I continue crying and he leaves to go sit on his motorcycle. Comes back and says he wont give me a speeding ticket {thanks.} but has to give me a ticket for my expired license. {sigh} Then he says,"Ma'am, are you going to be okay?" Why do you ask officer? Is it that I have snot rockets coming out of my nose? I weigh 200 lbs and I can't stop these darn tears from running down my face. I let him now I will be fine I just am going to sit, parked on the side of the road for a while.

I have no license. My court date is set. Did I mention I was a Cheerleading coach and had lots of crazy, awesome cheerleaders who I had to attend to. Did I mention I had to have one of the other coaches take me home from practice. {Thank you Sally!} Did I mention my boys were terrified when they got in the car with me because they thought the cops were going to take me away.


Did I mention I was at a stop light and went full blast into the back of a Lexus {with Brady in the car}?  Yep, driver of the year. Up until then I had NO tickets. So, I go to court scared to death, fat as a cow and in need of grace. The judge clearly felt bad for me and told me I had to get my license reinstated. Thank the Lord.

Did I mention I can't parallel park? Did I mention I had to set up those flippin orange cones in a parking lot like a 16 yr old school girl and practice. Did I mention I had my husband giving me direction, my two boys asking when we were going to be done and why I was doing this. Then there was me crying because I kept hitting the cones and my husband saying, "Why can you not do this, Honey."

Shoot me now. {I am getting hives just thinking about this}

I go to take my test and PASS the friggin thing. {Que the angels singing}

Why am I telling you this story that took place almost exactly a year ago? Because at that time I was stressed beyond stressed. I felt like things weren't fair. I try to do the right thing and this crap happens to me. Here is what I learned. Friends step in when life throws you a curve ball. People step up. If you just ask for help. I have always been one to think I can handle things on my own. In reality I can't. I get overwhelmed. I get tired. I get burned out. So, if you are tired, burned out or just need a break. Ask. I promise you that you will be amazed at the people in your life who step up when asked.

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  1. This was seriously the funniest thing I have read in a long time. I keep cracking up on the couch while reading this and hubby just keeps looking at me like I have lost my mind....
    Someday I will have to tell you about the time an officer gave me a speeding ticket in a school zone THAT I WAS TEACHING IN...then after he drove off I rethought how I could get out of it...went and hunted him down...parked behind him on the side of the road...tapped on his car window...explained my point of view (it's a long story)...and he took my ticket AWAY! :)


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