Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Eight Eyed Monster

This morning my two of the three little men took breakfast to one of our favorite parks. Why don't I do this more often?  We had the entire park to ourselves.  Mr. Blue eyes couldn't of been happier.  He has free reign and could be as loud as he wanted.  

As we were sitting at the picnic table here is our conversation.

Mr. Blue eyes: Mom I miss bacation.

Me: I know buddy, we will be back soon.

Mr. Blue eyes: I just want to swim in the hot day. Oh bacation I miss you.

So, I thought in an effort to make Mr. blue eyes feel like he was back on bacation I would write about one of the funniest things that happened while on bacation this year.

What do you think of when you see this eight eyed monster?  I see fun and excitement.  Mr. Bacation can only see one thing. TERROR.  Being the fabulous, loving wife I am I get all giddy and not thinking say, "Who wants to go on the light up Ferris wheel?" Immediate excitement fills the air and as I slowly realize what I just did, I see small beads of sweat start to form on Mr. Bacation's brow.  OOPS!  Being the adventuresome amazing dad that he is, he knew he was going to have to take one for the team and just pray he doesn't pass out or die in front of his biggest fans. 

We buy the tickets, stand in line and sure enough it's our turn.  I actually start to get just a tiny bit nervous.  This thing doesn't really look too sturdy and it is a carnival.  You know how crazy those carnies can get.  Are they really that safe?  Here goes nothing.

Do you see this?  We are pretty high up and look at my proud Ms. America Momma.  She is so happy just waving away!

Why do my nostrils look so huge?  Add it on to one of many talents I possess.

I decide to get out the camera to capture some moments. (I was really just trying to capture Mr. Bacation passing out) 

We survived and the boys thought it was the BEST thing they have ever done in their lives. Oh, but the next day. Feeling as confident as ever we go to the Nascar Speed Park.  I know your shocked, me at a Nascar place. The things I do for the men in my life.  Wouldn't you know there is a ...... FERRIS WHEEL! Of course, the 1st thing the boys do is run over to it.  

Here we go again....

Only this time we have to pair off. I sent my calmest oldest one to look over Mr. Bacation and I take the loud crazy Mr Blue Eyes with me. Here is the picture right before the Ferris Wheel BREAKS DOWN.  I couldn't make this up if I tried.  While my two cute men are at the TOP of the Ferris Wheel it literally stops working.  

Please note the Good Year tire in the background... Get er done boys!
I am demanding someone get them down and the Nascar kid (who has a big chew in and can't be more than 16) just keeps saying, "Ma'am I don't know why it won't work."  He then proceeds to hit the button as hard as he can to try and get it to work.  At this point I am thinking Mr. Bacation could have a heart attack, fall out of the Goodyear tire Ferris Wheel and drop to his death in front of everyone or the fire department is going to have to come and try to have them walk down a huge ladder without passing out and plummeting to the cement.  On a positive note if the news comes I might be able to get on t.v!

 I kid. I kid.

Surprisingly Mr. Bacation wasn't all that scared.  After 15 minutes of sweating it out they get it to start working.  Needless to say,  I will NEVER go to a Nascar Speed Park again!! 

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  1. When he said something on facebook about the ferris wheel I was wondering if it was the one at Family Kingdom. Carys wanted to go on it so bad which ment I would have to also...I am terrified. (We did the ferris wheel at Toys R us in NYC and I did my best to not panic!) Thankfully she was to little, which in turn caused a breakdown on her part and joy on mine. You tell the story so well and make it sound so humorous, but I am guessing it was not funny at all in the moment.


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