Thursday, September 23, 2010

Birthday Stress 101

Help Please.

I can't sleep and if I do I am dreaming of party streamers, balloons, screaming children, pinatas, candy, goldfish, what table clothes to use, what colors will look the best together, what food to have and who to invite. When I finally wake up from this reoccurring nightmare I have hives. It's just not good.

Here at our castle we always make birthdays a big deal. The boys look forward to their birthday partays every year. Starting in October we have one birthday a month. Why are all of my kids born around the same time? Mason has been asking seriously EVERY morning if it's his birthday for the last month. He knows it's soon and this sweet little love is jacked and so ready to get his partay on.

We usually rent out the Y every year. It works out great and the kids seem to enjoy it. Here's the problem, there could potentially be a lot of kids. Are you shocked? These boys take after their mom, they are like rock stars.

I kid. I kid.

We keep going back and forth about joint partays. In the past we have done all of them together but last year there was a crap ton of kids. So, being the brilliant one I am, I am thinking it may be time to do separate partays. We had each kid tell us who they wanted. Mason's list was all girls. Shocker. While Brady decided he was having NO girls and ONLY boys. Then they both decided they would invite everyone and have one big shindig. Awesome.

Hives. Hives and more hives.

Their birthdays are only 2 1/2 weeks apart. Hm. Two birthday partays versus one. Only have to get food once, goldfish once, one pinata. (saving money right?) So, it's fine but holy stressin me out. I need some ideas for where to have this Birthday Shindig. Most likely it will be the Y again. Most likely it will be over the top crazy again. Most likely I will not get rid of these hives until the PARTAY is over.

It's alot of pressure to put on a girl. I can't let them down; a whole year of anticipation is riding on this.


Any suggestions? Themes? Where to have it?

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  1. So you totally sound like me! I FREAK out with birthday stuff for like 3 mths before it even happens. I already have most of Daniels stuff and his party isn't until Nov (of corse since we had to dodge halloween and football games) But one thing I did learn is not to cook anything ANYMORE!!!! I totally love making the peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches for the kids and i'm getting a tray for the adults with chips and dip and THATS IT!!!! Rent a fun jump and call it a day! We always have ours at home.


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