Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Closed for business or am I?

How many do you have?

Do you want more?

How did you know you were done?

Do you regret it?

Did you have a feeling about it?

Have you ever sat at the dinner table and wished the empty chair was filled?

Of course, I am talking about those sweet little angels running around.

I am done.

 I have three healthy, amazing little men.
I can't wait for the day to not change any more diapers or can I?

I am filled with as much love as I can give or am I?

I need to do more, be more, and love more but can I?

I know I have always wanted a big family or do I?

I am pulled in a million different directions.

There are days I am beyond exhausted.

I wish there was two of me.

So I could give them ALL everything they need and want.

I know this stage of diapers and whining and constantly needed something is
that, just a stage.

 I know that I love, and need, the kisses, hugs, giggles and 
the love only my angels can give.

have a feeling I am going to miss this stage when it is all over.

I know for every family it is different and what's best for your
 family may not be what's best for mine. 

 I just wish I had a peace about it either way.

 I couldn't imagine having any more little men running around.

There are days I feel like I could seriously have the BIG ONE with the three I 
have now. 

I know I have asked a million questions but really how do you know? 

There is one thing I do know, Mr. No Snip would have 10 kids if it was up to him 
and he has that name for a reason. 

 He has said on multiple occasions there is 
nothing sharp going near IT and I have said on multiple occasions, if you can 
birth them then you can have all 10 of them.

 The question of the hour remains 
the same...... 

Closed for business or am I?


  1. You better watch it, I asked that question in a blog post and I ended up pregnant a couple months later! :)
    I am SO getting my tubes tied on the table this time. Three is the magic # for me.

  2. There will be 1 more... mark my words :)

  3. Ummm, if you find the magic answer, would you let me know? I am in the same boat, Maria and my thoughts and feelings about having another child change from second to second. It's so bizarre because I feel like I have always been a person that knows exactly what I want. I wish I just knew the right answer. Feeling you, girl.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Apparently I am having trouble leaving comments - geesh!

    Here's something I've been told, "You’ll always regret not having a child, but you will never regret a child you have…"


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