Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bringing excitement to your kitchen: Kid Friendly Style

Who doesn't LOVE a good find every now and then?

Here at our castle we need a few new kid friendly goodies every once in awhile to bring excitement to things such as meal time, snack time etc...  I also have this unwavering love for all things Pottery Barn and when I see a good deal I just can't help myself.

I am not big on the whole reading thing.  I wish I was but I always feel like that is the last thing I make time for.  However, I do alot of skimming and if something catches my eye I will read it!

I recently, found an article on kids and snack time.  My boys are constantly asking what they can have to eat.  It drives me nutso at times.  Please tell me your kids open the refrigerator or pantry door like 600 times a day like mine do.  Well, here was a great tip I read.  Get a "snack jar" and let the kids know when their snack times are. For example, they can choose one thing from the snack jar mid morning and one mid afternoon.  Then fill it with all of the things they can choose from.  My boys have LOVED this.  They now know when they can have their snacks and they feel like they are making the decision on what to have.

Here is the one I got for $9.99 at Pottery Barn Kids.  It has a magnetic top so it's super easy for the kids to open as well.   

It kinda resembles a "boob"  in this picture.  I am not really sure why.  It is actually super cute in person :)

I also was having some issues with lunch and dinner time.  It was a constant battle of how much vegetables, fruit or chips they had to eat.  Once again, my love, PB Kids came to my rescue.  At a low price of only $3.99 a plate I might add.  The forks were also on sale.  Which meant only one thing, I HAD to get them.  We seriously have not had one issue with eating since I purchased these.

How can you not LOVE these forks?

Lastly,  it makes me sad to think that for the majority of the week my little boy wont be eating lunch with me starting in three weeks.  So, I had to look for something that would make me him feel like he was still at home.

You should check them out! The name cracks me up: Hold the crust sandwhich cutters. I thought this would be something fun when he opened up his lunch at school everyday.  Something simple but he will know I am thinking about him and if nothing else it makes me feel better!

Do you have any fun things that help with snack time or meal times?  Fill me in on what you are doing to make your sweet little ones feel special as they head back to school!


  1. I got a BIG box of cookie/sandwich cutters at wal mart. It was like 100 of them for $10. They have a variety of sizes and everything from harts and flowers to dinosaurs and cars! The large ones cut the sandwiches all the way to the crust and I use the small ones too and give Grace like 3 different shapes from 1 sandwich. She loves them...and they are convenient for cookies as well...LOL

  2. My mom told me to use cookie cutters too! I will have to go to Wally world and try them :)


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