Monday, November 14, 2011


Happy Monday!
                      I hope you weekends were filled with some rest and relaxation. I know it's not even Thanksgiving but I am getting so excited for Christmas. In fact, I *might* just put up a few decorations before Thanksgiving. This is the first time in eight years that my husband isn't coaching. Which means I will actually have help putting up all of the decorations.
Have I mentioned how many emails I have received because of our Christmas photo from last year? It has been repinned so many times I am amazed. In fact, I have had random people stop me at Target {my favorite place} because they have recognized me and my boys from this photo. {How crazy is that?}I have met some awesome women and shop owners wanting to know about the letters. It has been really neat for me. I am going to be doing an upcoming post about some these great woman.  

What if I just said yes? What if I just gave up stressing about or resisting what is {and what may be coming}? What if I choose to embrace it. To simply say YES. 
This week I am saying yes....
... yes to getting all our Operation Christmas Child boxes ready
... yes to writing a review for my boys school counting it all JOY
... yes to starting a new Beth Moore study with some great girls
... yes to going to see Breaking Dawn {the things I do for my girlfriends}
... I am saying yes to Jesus. yes to prayer
... I am saying yes to laughing and simply enjoying my life
 ... I am saying yes to getting up before my boys
... yes to dancing
... yes to confidence
... yes to to believing that "I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength"

So tell me, What are YOU saying yes to this week?


  1. I love the Monday YES Blogs, just reading your list makes me encouraged! So here are a few of the things I am saying Yes to: I too will be going to see Breaking Dawn - lol, keeping up with my food journal and committment to zumba (I've lost 5lbs in two weeks and pretty happy), Yes to being a happy mom and enjoying my lovely girls before they grow up too fast and yes to enjoying the holiday season and not letting it pass by without making it special for my family.

  2. No wonder it's been repinned a million times! It's adorable! You have such a beautiful family, and you are so creative! :)

  3. It's how I found your blog, and I love your blog! We did the joy letters with our family this year and the pictures turned out soo amazing. I'm not publishing the pictures until the christmas cards go out. Thank you for the fabulous idea!

  4. yes to believing that the truth triumphs my feelings. yes that God has my husband & future in mind & He hasn't left me to "figure it out alone". yes to being more proactive about applying for jobs. yes to being a better sister and going out of my way for my brothers. yes to cleaning before i'm asked :)

    i'm a new "follower"...found you through pinterest... your family is precious :) browsed some of the blog too and it's just precious....



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