Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dear 22 Month Old Sweet Baby C,

I can't believe that in two short months you will be TWO.
You, sweet boy, fill my heart with so much joy.
I can't believe it's been a year since this picture was taking.
I am watching you turn from a little baby into this little boy. 
You even will pose for pictures now {just to make me happy}
You look at your brothers almost as if they were super hero's from a movie.
You watch them-their every move.
and then...
you mimic their every move.  
You are happiest doing seat drops on the trampoline. 
You wait until all of us our watching. You are hilarious. 
You start your own dance parties. 
You often wait until you are about to get in trouble and then 
you pull out some dance moves. I try not to laugh at you sweet boy.
I just can't help it.
I laugh. You laugh. 
You look at me and melt my heart to pieces.
You started a new face this month. You fold your little arms and stick your tongue out.
What on earth? You look so stinkin cute but goodness it makes your mommy so mad.
You keep me on my toes my sweet boy. You are into anything and everything.
 I try to remember that those things that drive me so crazy at times,
are most likely the same things that when you are older will be some of your strongest
and most positive characteristics.
I find you brushing your teeth or pulling up a chair to get into the freezer.
You are independent. Yet you still only want me.
Everyone can be in the room {even your brothers} and you only want me.
I know this wont be for long. So, I will soak in it. I will squeeze you and love on you like crazy. I will sit with you and laugh with you. 
I will have as many dance parties as you will let me.
I will do seat drops and act like a fool for as long as you will laugh with your 
head back and your sweet dimples showing.
Your goodnight cuddles, your sweet kisses and morning cuddles
 remind me that you are such a gift.
I am so thankful I am your mom my sweet Cole bear. 
You are loved with every once of my being.

{Thank you to Nikki James Photography for these sweet pictures}


  1. Oh my goodness Maria! You made me cry! Thanks for your sweet words. I found you on Pinterest. I have two baby boys (2 & 9 months) and I feel like every day is such a gift with them. Love your blog!!!

  2. Elyssa Marie~ I love having boys. Aren't they just the best?! I am so thankful you found my blog. Thanks for commenting. Enjoy your sweet boys this week. xoxox


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