Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday {Flats vs. Boots}

Oh my is it really Wednesday? Is it just me or do the long weekends totally mess up your week. Thankfully, I did remember to keep out my camera this weekend just so I could link up with Lindsey. I did have a little help as you will see. I still am wearing the 'skinny' {make you look a little chunky} jeans. I love wearing them with my boots but this week I thought I would step out of my comfort zone and try to wear them with flats {eek}. Here goes nothing.

 Shirt~ Goodwill
Jeans~ Forever 21
Vest~ Forever 21
Flats~ Target
Boots~Steve Madden
Cute Photographer~ Mr. Brady Woodall

My sweet Brady decided he wanted to be the photographer. Of course I let him. He then decided he wanted a camera for his birthday. He made sure to let me know...
 "Not a kids camera Mom. I want a good one." He is most excited to be featured on this What I Wore Wednesday post. All of the big and little boys in this castle tease me for doing this every week. In fact, they made a song they sing everytime I get the camera out. It's pretty funny! They do make me smile and keep me very humble! 
Back to the boots... I just can't part with the boots. I just feel at home when I am wearing them. {I know, that sounded ridiculous but it's the truth}
 So tell me if you had to choose are you a boots or a flats kinda girl?!


  1. Love your skinny jeans momma, you totally rock them. And just let it be said that I don't think you could look "chunky" if you tried. Total beauty!! :)

  2. I like both :) I looove that vest too. Super cute!

  3. Found you from the Pleated Poppy. Love the look both ways! I am the same way about skinny jeans and flats, but you totally rocked them!

  4. Oh dear, now I do believe skinny jeans make my little nubby legs look chunky (but I still wear them!) but NOT your legs, not one little bit! And those boots are fanTASTIC, I love boots with a chunky heel, I have ONE pair of super cute boots with a 5 inch "stiletto-ish" heel and I rarely wear them because they are KILLER!

  5. those boots are gorgeous! exactly what i am looking for!!

  6. LOL! They sing to you? I love it!! :0)

    There is now way you could look chunky... in skinny pants or otherwise.

    I'm a flats girl, for sure.

  7. I LOVE the boots! But I gotta say, the flats look equally cute.
    That said, as soon as it gets colder - I am all about boots. On the hunt for an ankle high wedge...hmmm.
    thanks for the kind words friend.

  8. Got to say I am a boot wearing kind a girl, but the flats look really cute as well... guess it depends on my mood!!! Where did you purchase the boots? I am really looking for a pair similiar to that for fall? :)

  9. like I told you already...I love the way you sport the goodwill shirt. It was a good purchase! I love the flats and the boots on you.

  10. They both look super cute! I don't have brown boots, but I would LOVE to get some this fall. I have a hard time finding them in my area though.

  11. any chance you remember what style your boots are? I LOVE them and am having a terrible time finding some this season :(


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