Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday To You All!
It's amazing what a good night sleep can do for your mind and attitude. I woke up this morning ready to take on this hot, rainy August day. This is my 18th week of WIWW. Can you believe it? I have been amazed at how many women have joined since I started linking up with Lindsey. It's a fashion movement, I tell ya!
Get on board my friends!
So, last week, as you know, we had a fun light hearted photo shoot taken by Nikki James Photography. I received many emails asking about my dress so I thought I would inform all of you today.

This pink and red beauty came from H&M. What is even better is that it was $9.99.
For some reason I always feel the need to tell everyone how much things cost when I find gems like this. Do you ever do that?
 I value your opinion and I need to ask you all a huge favor.
I am looking to change the header picture on this lovely blog. This is where you come in. I have a few options and I can't decide {shocker}. So help a sister out would ya?
Here are your options...

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Don't you just want to squeeze these little loves. Oh my:: they make my heart smile and crazy all at the same time! So, now that you have seen your options
which one should I choose???
 All this hard work I am asking you to do definitely deserves something. So, check back I have a fun little giveaway coming up{Allora Handmade earings [cough, cough]}


  1. super cute! i personally love option 4 just because i think a horizontal pic would look best and i'm a sucker for goldenly sunlight :)

  2. So stinkin cute are my adorable nephews!! I say picture 5. I love the color and how ColeBear has his head turned to the side.

  3. I like #1 and #4...actually I like them all, but those are my favorites :)

  4. I like any of them with Cold sitting. I think 2 is my favorite, but I like the color too! Tough choice!

  5. I like #2 or #5! Thanks for posting a comment on my blog!

  6. Love the dress and I am the same way when it comes to getting a great deal, you just have to share it with everyone :) and the funny thing is that I was just as excited and happy to hear what a great deal it was too - lol

    I love them all but I think #2 and #4 are my favorites, but you can't go wrong with any of them!!

  7. Love the dress and the pictures of the kids. Number 5 is my favorite!


  8. Yes, I love great deals and telling people about them! I love your header now, but my favorite of the five is #2... stunning. ;)

  9. I like #1 best, but it looks like everyone likes a different one, and they are all SO adorable that you are good with going with any of them! so, so cute.

    Ask the Duplex

  10. I like the last picture because I love the bright colors, and I love that something is distracting your youngest and he's looking off to the side. That is exactly what my youngest was always doing (STILL doing, lol!).


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