Friday, August 12, 2011

A Smile/ A Kind Word/ A Good Laugh

For whatever reason, these past couple days
 have been rough to say the least.
Stress/Job Change/Kids
But, I learned something that I kinda already knew
but didn't believe {until now}
 Words filled with love can change your mood/day/week
Let me tell you why.
On two different occasions,
at the very peak of being frustrated,
a few simple words changed my entire day.

A Smile. 
Like I said before I am not a big fan of stress {is anyone, really?} 
In the midst of my crapola of a day I had to run back to Target 
{side note: already been there twice that day}
While I was walking down one of the aisles I felt like someone was staring at me.
You totally know what I am talking about. It's like you can feel them staring at you.
I go to grab the contact solution I needed and 
I hear this sweet old woman say, "Your smile lights up this store, honey."
I paused and look up. I wasn't sure if that sweet old voice was talking to me.
I was so taken back. 
I said thank you and told her that it made my day. 
What a sweet woman. I only wish I would of 
asked her what her name was. 
As she walked away I couldn't help but smile.   

A Kind Word.
If you haven't noticed already I have been in somewhat of a blogging funk. 
I don't know if it's because I am so busy and feel like I 
have a million things I need to be doing. In the back of my mind I wondered 
if anyone would really even know if I was 'missing' so to speak. 
As I was getting ready to head to bed last night, I opened up my email to find 
a handful of emails from many of YOU. 
Asking me questions about random things {which I love} 
and making sure all was well. It was perfect and I felt like the Lord was using YOU to be so gracious and encouraging to me. Which is one of the many reasons
why I really do love this little ol' blog.

You will laugh at this one.
Soccer has started for our two older boys. Of course there practices are on the
same day at different parks at pretty much the same time.
I took Brady to his practice. We got there a little early so I passed
with him for a few minutes. One of his little buddies came up and 
joined us. As we are passing the soccer ball I ask him his name and how old he was. 
He answered kicked the ball back to me and said, "So are you Brady's 
babysitter?" I laughed. Brady chimed in and said, "Dude, its my mom."
Later when we got in the car I told Brady he could definitely be friends with that kid!
{I kid} { I kid} 

Moral of the Stories:
Saying and receiving kind words can 
change your mood or situation.
It can turn frustration into happiness.
What a great way for you and I to encourage each other or even a stranger.
All we have to do is get over ourselves a little bit.
{I am still working on that}
I'm motivated to show love to others with my words. 
What about you?!


  1. Maria, this is what you do!! A smile, a kind word--I am sure your friends/family will agree, that is you. The other day when you posted on my blog, you said exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you, for always knowing just what to say.

  2. I noticed that you were gone :( and I understand, because lately things have been so busy I have had to make the blog more of a chore than it is fun. Not that I am making any money and have to do it, but it's just habit. And about "you will laugh at this one" I am jealous what a compliment!


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