Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Oh happy day, friends. 
It's time once again to team up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy! If you are new here and, like my husband, think I’m completely crazy for posting pictures of random outfits I wear each week, in many ways I am. To be honest there are sometimes I think if people could see me doing this right now.... For those of you visiting from Lindsey's blog PLEASE tell me you feel this way sometimes! {humor me, please}There truly is a reason behind the madness. For me, it has me think outside the box in regards to fashion. Instead of my go to jeans/tank/flip-flops it gives some accountability in trying new outfits
{even if it's just one a week}.

This pink and red beauty is from H&M. So comfy and perfect for the hot days of summer!I think it's my favorite dress so far. Well, it kinda has to be because when I put it on my four-year old said, "Mom, is this your princess dress?" The rest of the day I couldn't help but kinda feel like a princess. Oh, this is why my three little boys melt my heart. So, tell me if you could choose two colors to wear together what combo would you choose? 
I am loving the red/pink combo. 
What about you? xoxoxox


  1. So bright and happy. :) Yes, I do feel crazy, but it's getting me dressed and I'm using more clothes in my closet! :)

  2. Yes, it does feel weird, especially if one of my sons walks by and looks like "what are you DOING, mom?" But they already think I'm a little crazy so all is good, lol!

  3. I get embarrassed EVERY SINGLE TIME my husband and I go outside to take pictures. And, if anyone brings up my fashion blog in real life- I quickly change the subject! I feel your pain!

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  4. Oh, i forgot to tell you how BOMB you look in this dress!!

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  5. I love the dress, so cute!
    The bright colors feel like summer =)

  6. oh girl i hear ya...i dread taking these pictures...but there is a reason/method behind the madness!
    Love the looks darling on you and the pink/red combo is super cute!

  7. Hey girl,

    Thanks for the sweet vacay wishes. Love you in this dress - and yes, I feel the exact same way every week!

    I've taken to making sure I'm completely alone with the baby before taking any pics. And getting laughed at. :)


  8. i love it! did you buy it recently? pink and red together is my favorite!

  9. you look great in this dress...and yes my hubby laughs at me and thinks I am crazy!

    I love black and gray or teal and white..

  10. You are one hot mamma! I can't believe you have had d3 kids! You don't look old enough. You and your family are ridiculously adorable....

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