Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! 
I am linking up with Lindsey for some fashion inspiration. 
We have been soaking up the sun, jumping on the trampoline and eating more popsicles than any one child {or adult} should EVER be a loud! It's summer. 
So, that makes it perfectly perfect!  
I have really taken to the bright fun sun dresses this year. For me I want something easy and cute. A style that I can run around with the boys in and not look like I've been run over. 

What I love about this Target dress is that I can use it for multiple events. I wear it with my Steve Madden boots to run and do errands but then I wear it as a cover up to go to the pool. It's lightweight and with the pockets it perfect. Which is why....

I bought the same dress from Target in a different print! My theory is if you find something that works for YOU and you will wear it/it's cheap/it's cute then you need to buy ever color.  Tell me you do that? Did you notice that little beauty on my neck? I know you did! It's from the lovely allora handmade. Can I tell you while I was in Target {my second home} I was stopped by two different girls who LOVED it and had to know where I got it! It's makes a statement and adds that special little
 something to any outfit.
This week I have been obsessing over Laffy Taffy. Random and weird. I don't know if it reminds of summer as a teenager or the fact we went to a fair and I stopped at this shop...

I have eaten my weight in Laffy Taffy this week and loved ever second of it. So, tell me do you have any summertime 'treat' that you indulge in during 
these hot summer nights? 


  1. Love the up close picture!

  2. Funnel cake, duh! lol
    I love that it's super easy to make with my kids too. That necklace is awesome by the way. I'd have stopped to ask where you got it too :-)

  3. Love the dresses and who would ever know they are from Target! Cute!

    My favorite summer treat is homemade ice cream. Making some for the 4th - with Reece cups for my daughter, and I think I 'll just eat it from the freezer with a big spoon!

  4. LOVE these dresses and the necklace! I've been on the hunt for some sun dresses to get me through the rest of the pregnancy but then that I can wear afterwards for the rest of the summer. I've had no luck. Its kind of funny because I'm carrying so low this time that my regular maternity clothes aren't fitting quite right and by belly is hanging out. :) Who doesn't want to see THAT? Maybe I'll run to target and see if they have any maternity or big dresses that will work. Great post, as always!

    Fave summer time treat is ice-cream! I crave it from May-Sept.

  5. Love the yellow necklace, I have the green one and LOVE it! Dresses are cute too! I do love me some good dresses, oh and yes I buy the same thing in many colors! It's the way I roll!

  6. Banna laffy taffies are the best!

  7. I totally agree with you on this one. If I find something i like, I buy ever color!

    Ask the Duplex

  8. What fun with those dresses! :) I agree... I have bought sweaters in 3's and blouses in 2's... if it really works, don't pass it up! :)

  9. Cute! Cute! Cute! My summer indulgence is Anything from the bakery near my mom and dads house. Their cinnamon rolls are TO.DIE.FOR.


  10. i love the dresses. I am so the same way. i think I own at least 3 of every thing i have ever bought at target! it's just how to do it!
    and the necklace. of course we all love allora handmade!

  11. I completely agree with you! If it works, then buy it in EVERY color! lol :)

    Those dresses are adorable on you, you wear them really well. Loving that necklace! :)

    Im not much of a sweet person, but I love love sweet tea in the summer. Yummy! :)

  12. You look fantastic!! Just as soon as I can get out of the tent size from having Little Man (4 mo), I would love to get a few things to celebrate that accomplishment. :)

  13. ok, you are cute, the family is cuter and i love that "sweet shoppe" photo ~ i am such a carni at heart!

  14. the dresses look great on you, love the colors. the necklace is cute too! Thanks for your sweet note on my blog btw.


  15. Love the dresses!! I haven't seen those at Target :(

  16. Just adorable! Makes me want to go shopping at Target. :)

  17. That dress is so cute, love that you got two of them! My fave summer splurge of a treat is an elephant ear at our hometown's rodeo... going tonight and can't wait to get one!!


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