Thursday, April 14, 2011

Things I Love Thursday: Etsy Edition {Jewelry Love}

Can you believe it's Thursday? I feel like the weeks are flying by. The trees are finally blooming and my favorite purple and yellow tulips are beginning to show their lovely faces. It makes my heart happy. Are you enjoying all these fabulous Etsy shops that have been featured lately? I know it has been a blast for me finding modern, trendy and just plain fabulous handmade yumminess that I get to share with all of you. 

Who doesn't love jewelry? What if I told you Studio Jewel has all contemporary sterling silver jewelry made for today's modern woman. That's us lovelies! The beauty behind this Studio Jewel is known as, 'The Bead Girl' she uses recycled silver, copper, gold and gemstones to create these fabulous pieces. Seriously, look at these...

What I love about her line is that you can put any piece of her jewelry on and it will add a special something to EVERY outfit you wear. As a mom of three little men I want to be able to put on any outfit add a necklace, ring or bracelet and be on my way looking as fabulous as ever. That is what her jewelry does! Love it!

Go check out her fabulous blog called Studio Jewel, Journey of a Jeweler, where you can see her process and what goes in to making all of this beauty.

You can also follow Lisa {The Bead Girl} and Studio Jewel on Facebook and Twitter @thebeadgirl

Until next week my lovelies. Enjoy this fabulous day and have fun shopping at Studio Jewel. Don't forget if you own an Etsy shop or know of some fabulous finds contact me and you may be featured on Things I Love Thursday Etsy Edition!

Hugs to you all!


  1. Maria, thank you! I'm honored :)


  2. LOVE all of her jewelry!! Let the shopping begin!!

  3. I have actually seen her stuff before! I love, love, love the rings...I have a thing for fab rings!

  4. Melissa, Isn't her stuff just fabulous?! Have fun shopping!

    Amy, I will say I do love her rings! She has quite a few that are just adorable!

  5. Lisa is wonderful!! I was at a meeting a few weeks ago and recognized one of her pieces - quite the ice breaker to say, "Hey ... is that a BEADGIRL bracelet?!"


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