Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To build or not to build. That is the question.

Okay, so like I promised yesterday here is the BIG topic that has been taking place in our fabulous castle. To build or not to build? We have been throwing around the idea of building a house for almost 8 years. Of course that is all it was, an idea. Something we would talk about, not something we would actually do. There are a ton of exciting things about building a new house. It makes me giddy just to even think about it. 

It's once again Top Ten Tuesday and because of that... Here are 10 reasons why I think it's a fan flippintastic idea. We can design a house to fit our needs {and some wants}. We can pick the layout, colors, all the light fixtures, the size of the rooms, the height of our doors {sound's weird but I will show you why it makes a difference in a home}, number of windows, how much sq. footage we want to be carpet vs hardwood, type of door handles {another home pet peeve}, plus I can design my dream kitchen and pretty much be involved in everything. From a control freaks stand point this sounds fabulous. However, there are a ton of reasons not to build as well. One thing is we have three little kids and what if our house wouldn't sell {side note: our house is awesome and really anyone would be lucky to have it} and we could be stuck with two house payments. YIKES! I am truly not as concerned with that as I love the *idea* of getting a fabulous custom home with all the bells and whistles. I am not one who likes to get just the basic. Although I am thrifty, I like really nice things. I always have. Plus, I have an obsession with houses and decorating them. So, for me this is a clean canvas to go buck wild. 

Coach W has done a great job of keeping us debt free (excluding the house payment). I am not saying that to be boastful but to say that money is the one thing we don't argue about at all. I think because in the beginning of our marriage we had some key things established as what to expect. Plus, I did marry an accountant. If this tells you anything he can tell you where pretty much 99% of all of our money has been spent in the last 7 plus years. Do we make a ton? Absolutely not but the Lord has given us great discipline and has blessed us for being good stewards of our money. I say ALL of that to say I would hate to see us get in debt or begin to argue about building, add ons, stone fireplaces with plasma t.v's in all the rooms... you know? All that new house talk. Most importantly I don't want to become obsessed with what I want. It's a scary place to be when it's all about you {aka. me}. I want to focused on things that matter but I would love a new castle to share and bless with so many others.

So, what do you think? Have you built a home before? Do you know someone who has? I really do trust what you guys think and would love to know your opinion.  




To build or not to build?

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  1. How many bedrooms do you have? I really like your basement!

  2. I only asked that question because I would be interested in your house if it had more bedrooms than our house :):). I think that is exciting you guys are thinking about building and even more exciting that you are being careful, thoughtful, and prayerful before you jump it that kind of a commitment. :):). Can't wait to end up hearing what you decide,

  3. We have four bedrooms and our master bedroom has a morning room! There is more to the basement than what you saw. There is a family room area, a spot for the boys to play bball and a bathroom. :)

    We decided to really discuss it after basketball season is over so we can actually have to time to talk about it! It's exciting and nerve wracking to think about all at the same time!

  4. Your house sounds so great!!! We have three bedrooms and no basement, so it would be an upgrade for sure!! :):). Keep me posted. We are really not in a position to move yet, but who knows????

  5. Agreed that during basketball season is no time to make life decisions! (Funny how our first three kids were born the first month of football season.) It's actually a great time to build if you have decent equity in the home you're in because costs are down a good bit and many contractors aren't swamped with a lot of jobs so yours will get done quicker. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  6. If you build I, as your lovely sister-in-law want first dibs at your current home! Your current home is my DREAM home!!


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