Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Conversation Between Two Brothers...

Mason: Did you get a stamp at school today?

Brady: Yeah but your breath is so stinky.

Mason: I'm tellin Mom.

Brady: Okay.

Mason: Well, your not going to be on my buddy team or my schedule.

Brady: Your breath still stinks.

Mason: Then we aren't twins.

Brady: Twins? Really Mason.

Mason: Yeah Brady were bruders, best friends...twins.


  1. I literally have tears in my eyes I'm laughing so hard. That is just so precious! I can hear Brady saying that - it's just hilarious!

  2. Melissa- My mom and I were crying we were laughing so hard listening to the conversation. Poor Mason just adores Brady! It was so sweet but so hilarious! :)

  3. That is really sweet! I wanted to tell you thanks for the comment on my post AND that I have been going to beginner zumba at my gym and LOVE it. You were right!! =)

  4. Oh Michelle you are welcome. I loved reading it! I am so glad you are trying out Zumba! Isn't it so great?!

  5. I love those boys so much! It was so sweet when Mason asked if I had time to cut "bwady's hawr". I would give them the whole bucket of suckers when they come in if you would let me ;)

  6. Shelly they ADORE you! Mason was so concerned the entire car ride. I about died when he walked right up and asked you if you would cut B's hair :) Thanks for always being so sweet to them!


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