Monday, October 18, 2010

Ta Ta for now.

How was you weekend? Mine was crazy but a good crazy. Lots of soccer games, fabulous time with some of my very favorite girlfriends and a little Martha Stewart action. Getting ready for the Epic photo shoot that took place tonight. It was just what I had hoped for... crazy, chaotic, tears, laughing and in the end Epic pictures were taken. {can't wait for you to see them} I wanted to get a new outfit since the boys were having their picture taken. {I know... it's not about me, right?} I just have to say I bought a pair of jeggings and LOVE them. {I will be talking about them again, don't you worry.}

Isn't it funny how as a teenager you are always comparing yourself to other girls? Hm. We  I still can struggle with that same thing. I remember the big thing was having huge ta ta's. Ugh, I was envious of some of my very best friends who somehow were "blessed" in like the 5th grade. I maybe tried to put some tissues in my bra. I maybe tried to stuff a sock or two in there and I maybe, just maybe, found my moms extremely padded bra and wore it to school.

I can joke about it now, because sometime in my late teens/early twenties all of the ta ta envy went away and I stopped caring. However, since having three sweet little men suck the life out of me, literally, I have been in need of a boost. You know something to help the girls not look like empty tube socks. Saggy just doesn't do it for me. I got a phone call from my sister who told me to get myself to the mall immediately. So, of course I call my mom/shopping fashionista and off we go.

Oh. My. 

Friends I found the one who gets to take care of my girls for years to come. No more empty tube socks for this girl. It's like a boob job without all the hundred dollars bills being spent. Where did I get it you ask? Where else? Victoria Secret. Did I mention I hate spending money on bras. This one is totally worth it. There are many different bras but there is only one known as the Miraculous Plunge. Seriously, it's craziness. 

The truth is I would wear my sports bra everywhere if I could. On days I can't I am proud to have found a fabulous gem. Can you refer to a bra as a gem? All-well.  If you see me, please don't be envious {you will be} just remember the true story. I am as flat as a pancake, loving it and proud as ever to be a part of the fabulous A class! 

As you already know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Do your part. Get Involved. Go Pink. Please remember early detection is your best weapon in fighting this terrible disease. What are you doing to make a difference in this fight? 


  1. So I was always considered one of the "blessed" ones...but let me tell you something......not so blessed anymore! After my 2 little ones sucked the life out of ME they are huge tubes socks with a hokey puck in the end!!!!!! I roll them up and tuck them into my bra from fredricks...yes ladies with big boobs..they are the BEST! I WILL ONE DAY GET THEM FIXED!!!!

  2. Your comment cracks me up. I loved it!


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