Monday, October 11, 2010

Epic Craftiness... if I do say so myself.

How was your weekend? They always go by so fast it's crazy. I found myself doing lots of laundry. Real quick... do you ever notice how when you do the laundry there is ALWAYS like 10 socks that are missing their partner. Seriously, where do these things go? I feel like my dryer eats them or my boys go in and sneak them out of the dryer just because they know it drives me nutso. 

So, we have an EPIC photo shoot coming up here at our castle. For some reason I have only had the boys pictures "professionally" done one time. That was done a while ago by my dear friend Kate. {She's an awesome women! Check our her blog}  After I had them done I fell in love with getting them done {or so I thought}. So, my cousin started up a photography business and is going to take pictures of my boys for their birthday. M turns 4 in Oct, B turns 6 in Nov and  sweet Baby C turns 1 in Dec. We are setting up a ice cream party photo shoot. Friends {I do consider you all friends by the way} we are having major props in this photo shoot. 

Which brings me to one of my many crafty props I am {attempting} to make. Since we are doing two different shoots {did I mention that?} I have to cut some corners so I can buy us all new outfits for the Family Shoot. 

I went to Jo Anne Fabric's. I was a complete fish out of water but the workers were gracious and helped me. I am pretty sure they just felt bad for me! Okay, you know how on Etsy you see the fabric banners? Guess who is making  her own? Yep. This girl.

Here is what I bought:
~ Fabric
~ Triangle {I don't do good with cutting straight lines. I needed some guidance hence the triangle}
~ Scissors
~ Double-sided tape

Here is how I made the fabric banner masterpiece....

WARNING: These directions aren't correct craftiness grammer.
~ Turned the fabric over. Traced the triangle onto the fabric.
~ Cut out each triangle.
~ Used double- sided tape on triangle then folded it over on the twine
** If I had to do it over I would use fabric glue instead of the tape!

Look how fabulous...
Love Outdoors

Love Indoors
How cute is this? I made it for only $6.47! Now for the next item of business... Party Hats. Can't wait for the photo shoot. It's going to be EPIC my friends!! Do you have any fun ideas for the boys upcoming photo shoot?   


  1. Love the fabric banner! I always thought that would look really cute, with individual letters on each triangle to spell out your child's name. Hmmm...I may still do that!

    So the sock thing...did you know they make sock holder thingmajiggers for the laundry? I did not know these things existed till about a year ago! I have yet to buy any, but I'm thinking it would make finding those tiny little socks, oh so much easier! Check out this link:

    Hope your party & photo shoot are absolutely fabulous!!

  2. if you have any big glass canisters fill them up w/lots of colorful candy!
    can't wait to see the pics!


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