Saturday, September 4, 2010

Why I wish I was still little

…they find joy in life's simplest things
…they can scream and yell and its “normal”
…they have an endless supply of energy
…they can take a nap whenever or wherever they want
…they get carried around all the time
…they can throw a fit and sometimes get their way because of it
…they have no bills to pay

...they can look in the mirror a million times and not be called vain
...they are considered talented when they can suck both their big toes
…they can say whatever they want whenever they want just be called cute
...they know how to giggle deeply and often

...the more rolls the better
...the can play all day and night just to get up and do it all again
…they have someone doing pretty much everything for them
…someone does the laundry for them
…someone makes their meals for them
…someone wipes their dimply booty
       ...someone sings to them while they sleep
              ...someone is on their knees praying for them
…the only thing they know how to do is simply be little

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