Thursday, September 16, 2010

Step Aside Betty Crocker a New Diva's in Town.

I decided to (drum roll) cook.  Yep.  There are certain things I can do well such as decorating and beauty tidbits but I am the first to say I royally suck at cooking.  My entire family of men would attest to this. 

Here is my thinking on cooking. First of all, all but one of my men are so picky they only like pasta, chicken, or hamburgers. Second, you spend 30 minutes making it and then you have to clean up the mess that you made while making the dinner. Then you put it on the table and within 10 minutes ALL of the food and time you put into it is gone/done/finito. Then you have to clean up that mess.  (I know what you're nice). I'm sure your wondering what we eat here?  Well it is a lot of the same. Here in our castle dinner time consists of chicken on the grill, hamburger on the grill, mac-n-cheese, hot dogs, corn, stuffed shells or NOW chicken pot pie.  I bet your happy you aren't a king in this castle, huh?

We go through 6 boxes of Fiber One bars, 4 bags of chips, 2 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of pop tarts (you get the point). I am realizing that with a total of four men in this house I must learn how to do what I despise.  Oh the things I do for a house full of penises. This means I need help. So, I am joining a RECIPE CLUB.  I guess you make meals and bring recipes. I seriously feel bad for these fabulous ladies who will soon taste my cooking awesomeness. 

I decided to be a little crazy tonight. Put on my little sexy apron (I totally don't even own one) and get to baking. What's on the menu for tonight?


While trying to make this fabulous dinner I couldn't find the recipe, forgot the milk and nearly had a knife sticking out of my foot.  Are you beginning to understand  why I have a terrible relationship with cooking. Keep in mind I do have three little crazies running around. I knew it was too quiet in my house so I stopped to see what these little men were up. Mr. Bossy Pants was outside, Mr. Blue Eyes was playing the Wii and sure enough this is what I found Mr. Mischievous doing.

He was SO happy in the midst of ALL the wipes.

Make this reason number 1,342,6789 as to why I don't cook. At this point I don't even care. Heck at least the kid's clean I guess.  I go back to hell  baking. Here is how it turned out. Not gonna lie it looks okay. I can't make any promises on the taste but it's all about the presentation. Right?

As the men take a bite I look around to see if there is vomiting or choking. Nothing. Silence. Until my blonde haired angel says, "Mom, thank you this so good. Thank you." He said it in a way that made me feel like he hadn't had a meal in the entire 3 (almost 4) years he has been alive. I need to step up my game. These men need me. 

Step aside Betty Crocker there is a new cooking diva in town!

Do you have any recipes your family loves?   


  1. You CRACK me up! I LOVE cooking! I try to make something different for dinner every night for a month. (I know, over-achiever!) You should give me a makeover and I can give you my recipe book! ;-)

  2. I love cooking EVERYTHING!!!!! Lets face our family you got the fashion and decorating and I got the cooking and baking!!!! I cook almost every night from eggplant parm to tacos

  3. Jess- I like the way your thinking!!!

    Lori- The next time you come to visit you have to teach me all your secrets. PLEASE!!!!

  4. My major cooking secret - put ANYTHING inside the Pillsbury Grands Biscuits and my crew will eat it! For example:

    diced meatballs and mozzerella (dip into spaghetti sauce)

    Pepperoni or sausage and cheese (dip into pizza sauce)

    Sausage scrambled eggs and cheese

    Taco meat, cheese and beans
    (dip into salsa)

    Shredded chicken, beans and cheese (dip into salsa)

    Hamburger, cheese and seasoning
    (dip into ketchup)

    You name it - we've wrapped it up and dipped it into something and my crew NEVER complains!


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