Friday, August 6, 2010

Off for school supplies we go

In an effort to make my little men more excited for school I decided to take them to Toys R Us to get all their school supplies.  First of all,  what in the crap was I thinking?  Why not Wally World or Target?  Clearly,  I have lost major brain cells since giving birth to these three little loves of mine.  I am setting myself up for a disaster, I just know it. 

Not sure why they both look Chinese.  Mason at the time said," the sun was shootin his eyes out."  Awesome.

Being the creative genius that I am.  I brought a basket for each of them so they could put their supplies in their own basket.  This way there would be no arguing or fighting.  Right?

They LOVED picking out their own supplies!

Of course,  they had to stop and test drive all of the cars/motorcycles and dirt bikes.  Why do they have this display out? I hate it with a deep passion.  All was going well in our journey to find all things school when we had to pass all of these.  The boys for some reason feel the NEED to try out each of them.  Even though they have a fabulous black escalade sitting in the garage (which they barely drive). 

All in all a pretty good trip.  Next year,  I will go to Wally World or Target for sure but, c'mon people, cut me a break.  I am a first time Kindergarten mom. 

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